In Memoriam

Us, who stay alive, will never find out where is the border between will for life and the decision to take away the life. What is that happens in one’s mind, heart, soul or in something that exists within us and we still don’t know what that something is.

You have crossed this border by taking the answers on many unanswered questions with you, and we are now asking ourselves those questions, wanting to solve the riddle of your unfortunate act, and maybe this riddle is not even solved by you. Has the light within your hopes disappeared, the light that is so necessary for living?

The notice about your death has surprised and devastated all of your friends. We, who take such right to say that we knew you better; we believed that you could have overcome the difficulties, difficulties of evil time. The wind of war had taken you from Sarajevo, from your friends, from the surrounding that preserved your harmony. You stayed in your grief, not wanting to worry others on what has been bothering you, eating you to the bones…
Only sometimes, we could catch your drifted look and unspoken thoughts, which were symbolizing the sorrow for the time behind us and fear from the time ahead of us…

You were the favorite, because you stayed a pal. For the whole time you were more somebody else’s then your own. You had the time for everybody, as if the life will last for centuries. Your greatness was your modesty. Your every role in the movie, play or in TV series deserves appreciation. Not many people could, and not many after you will be able to play the characters of ordinary people, with all their virtues and flaws. It is difficult to say which of your role was the best and most impressive. It is very difficult to decide between Perhan, Memo, Gavrilo Princip…

Oh, God how much you made us laugh in the comedy series “Top Lista Nadrealista ”. Not many of us could have foreseen that your satire will become our collective tragedy. Your work in film cannot be separated from Emir Kusturica. Maybe he is the only person who completely knew you, but one thing is for sure, you totally trusted him. When you talked about him, it was as if you spoke about supermen, an alien, genius… For us who knew you both, it will always remain a secret who was the greater, each in his own task, but we knew for sure that when the two of you worked together it was the full success and huge contribution to the film art. It is no wonder that you were nominated for OSCAR awards, the greatest international film award. All the other awards you mostly won, and you would have also won the OSCAR if it was measured by the quality and artistic value. Saying goodbye to you, we do not mention all of your roles in movies, TV series, at the theatre.

We consider that there are more competent people in the field of film and drama art then us, who can, in details, explain all of your artistic values. We say goodbye to a friend, with whom we were glad we had a chance to spend our time with. Trying to ease the misery of the Bosnian hometown, who has brought you in the state of blindness and senselessness to continue living. There will be a huge emptiness in the film, in Sarajevo, but also in the hearts of those who loved you and appreciated you, respecting your virtues, disregarding your flaws, flaws that caused the pain to you only.

The flaws you fought against but unfortunately, they have defeated you and took you away from our to some other world, the world in which we want you to find your peace, which you deserve for all your nobility, humanity, friendship and everything that separates the human from inhuman. Our dear Perhan, you will be missed by Andrej, Katja, Pile, Goran, Gadro, Mladjo, and surely you will be missed by Emir, Nele, Branko, Kolja, not to mention how much you will be missed by your mother, father, brother, sister. May your soul rest in peace and thank you for everything you contributed to the art, your friends, who had very often been more important to you than your own health and success.


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