Davor Dujmović

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20.09.1969. - 31.05.1999


In the novel “The bridge on the Drina” great Ivo Andric wrote the following: ”Gypsy is the creature without the cross and the soul, so you cannot curse it nor call it a brother, and there is nothing on the earth or heaven you can curse it with ..”

  • Full Name: Davor Dujmović
  • Date of birth: 20.09.1969
  • Date of death: 31.05.1999

Davor Dujmovic was born in Sarajevo on September 20th 1969. He carried within himself and with himself the burden of the luxurious talent, without big words and visible effort, with his head up, playing his roles till the end and regardless of the price. Davor was not a Gypsy but he was the king of Gypsies. He was the Perhan in “The time of the Gypsies” and in life, he had a soul and he also had the cross – his acting talent and the one to give his everything for those he loved, for his family and his friends.

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