The persistence strategy

The eldest son, Davor Dujmovic, playing Mirza, already has a clearly defined strategy, and not only for the sake of the movie “The magpie strategy”.
“True, I remained in the acting business longer than all of them, but I don’t know why…ha,ha,ha… Because I’m not very good at school, I guess…ha,ha,ha.”

How it’s that like in your case?
There are all kinds of stories roaming around, but they’re not even close. I will remain persistent in my wish to become an actor one day.

Aren’t you already an actor?
I’m thinking about the Academy. I told my friend and Kusta that I will keep repeating those entry exams till I’m at least 35 and by that time, I guess they’ll take me in. I’ll be boring and persistent.

Now you got yourself in the Music school?
After the basic Music school, that was the only way to continue my education. And as for the rest of the schools and professors, they don’t seem to understand me…ha,ha,ha…”

Buda junior from “The magpie strategy“ is the character, for which you say, suits you better then the one from “When father was away for business”?
No, I just said that it’s bigger part from the one I played in “When father was away for business”, but it seems like it will be a “smaller” movie then “When father was away for business”, so I’ll remain at the same spot…with the same dreams and continue to be an actor!

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