After the Father

After the movie “When father was away for business”, which was awarded with Golden Palm tree in Cannes, he decided to enroll himself at the Film Academy. He didn’t succeed and he quit trying. Then he got another significant part in the movie “The Magpie Strategy”. Being 17.5 years old, Davor Dujmovic had the leading part in the next Emir Kusturica’s movie “The time of the Gypsies”, after which he was awarded as one of the 5 top actors in Europe. Davor and his movie partner, Sinolicka Trpkova (Azra), have been awarded as the best movie partners in the former Yugoslavia. Then he plays Captain Scott in his first theatre play, Sarajevo “Moon Play”. During the movie premiers, Dujmovic has been compared with Dustin Hoffman very often.

Davor Dujmovic continues his successful acting path. Under the safe director’s hat of Emir Kustrurica, he plays in another movie “The time of the Gypsies”, and we have every reason to expect plenty from it.
“And I expect the most of it. After this movie, if I don’t deserve to get into the Film Academy, than I decided to continue my carrier abroad. The movie “When father was away for business” and now “The magpie strategy” have helped me to be known by people even outside our borders. I guess that unlike our academic professors, they will know how to appreciate my work. People abroad manage to create their carrier thanks to one small part in the movie and I already had two, real ones.

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