After “The time of the Gypsies”

After the premiere of the movie “The time of the Gypsies”, a person No. 1, will most probably be Davor Dujmovic. We spotted this young amateur 4 years ago in the movie “When father was away for business”, where he played the older son. Now we watch him play a young gypsy Perhan, a boy/young man whose life is tough. Kustrurica briefly stated about him: “Dujmovic has enriched this movie with his spirit; he is a interesting young man. He is one of the rare people in who a person can confide in any moment. Simply, it’s the kind of guy you can’t meet every day.”
Dujmovic is currently on a vacation in Sarajevo, where, as he said, he thinks about what to do next. For this just finished movie, Kusturica had only good things to say.
He wants to continue his film carrier but not for financial reasons. He is attracted by film and it’s in every pore of this nineteen year old young man.”
“After three movies – “When father was away for business”, “The magpie strategy” and “The time of the Gypsies” – I gained the experience but I also realized that Film Academy is not for me. What could I give from myself at the Academy and what new could I learn? Nothing. The Academy is unnecessary. I will continue acting and when there’s no more money, I’ll look for something new. I’m not ashamed to say that I earned money selling cabbage at the market, during the breaks between the two movies. I am a child of a working class, film and fame did not change me.

How did you get into movie?
It’s a long story. Kusta discovered me, and my parents signed the first contract in my behalf. I got used to Kusturica, he is not difficult as a director, he doesn’t yell, he’s not a nervous person.
He transfers his eagerness for work on actors and on a whole crew. Before he starts shooting, he knows well how to choose the team he is going to work with and he lets them create their own parts during the movie. But of course, his eye never misses anything.

Can you tell us about your impressions after the movie “The time of the Gypsies” was first presented?
To see a movie, actually means reliving the new realistic reflection of society. I can’t choose between those scenes to say which one of them in particular left a certain impression on me; the entire movie leaves the impression. There are details that keep me awake for nights. Those are the scenes that stay deep underneath your conscience, and whether you want  it or not, you have to think about the movie.

How much money did you earn from this movie?
A year and 4 months ago, that amount maybe seemed huge but today, it certainly isn’t. I spent more than I earned. I acted without a break; I was almost always in front of the camera. That is a tough and exhausting job. The movie first needs to be seen and then some conclusions can be brought. I think that Kusta will devastate the world and with his third movie, he’ll conquer America too.

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