Get loostttt!

In order to catch Davor, we had to pick up all the tricks from the unstoppable Murphy Brown. In three days we contacted him by phone 10-15 times, we talked to him but the agreed interview never happened. The young hero is either too sleepy at two in the afternoon, either not at home at the arranged time. But, after everything, when we caught him in front of his doors, there was no escape. With our persistence in ringing the doorbell, we managed to alarm their neighbor Dragica.

She is got some arranged signals for opening the doors with Dujmovic’s, so we bumped into him, dressed in half, face to face with our Memo-Hamus. We put him in black “beetle” and drove towards VEN redaction. Davor didn’t feel like being in the second episode of the “TLN”, and he hardly managed to escape the engagement in the third one,: ”The army screwed me up a bit. I was in the service in Trebinje for couple of days but people were considerate to me so they let me go. So, I arrived on time when they were shooting the second episode of “TLN” Then we put Perhan in that part with the Assembly, so it seemed as if I was present from the beginning. This episode of “TLN” was done in completely different way then the first and the second, for more reasons.

Ciro directed the second one, which was great. Ciro is kind of more into the jokes of the new primitivism, while Benjamin is into it much less or not at all. In order that everything goes according to the plan, Djuro as well directed with him. All those combinations: director, stenographer, actor, are totally different in the “TLN” then in the movie. There was about 20 percent of the script, which was, again, changed in 50 percent. We gathered at 9 in the morning on TV and then started shooting at three in the afternoon. For six hours, we were thinking about what to play that day.

There must have been days when you didn’t succeed at all…
We were under a lot of pressure thinking about those things. We all know that the hardest thing to do is to make a comedy. There were times when we totally lost our criteria for it. When we discuss some joke for two-three hours, not only that it’s not funny anymore but it starts to be the pain in the ass.

Who came up with characters of “Djasmin and Hamus”?
They were created in the lack of time. There is no some great logic to it, although as soon as people see something like that, they immediately start “relating it to something”. The same thing happened with character Sahbaz. We needed something to fill in the gaps, and now there is entire confusion created in Bosnia about who Sahbaz really is. Many people think that he is a politician, the other however think, that he is a security guard.
Usually, the “TLN” is considered to be some kind of a vice or something that imitates someone and it irritates that person. We came up with the “bjaaazi” thing when we were thinking what could be repeated by whole Sarajevo the day after the show. That was Djura’s idea. First, he came up with “bjezi”, the next thing was “bjaaazi”. Memo was also created by chance in one sequence of a scene, but it has been developed, fixed and became something.

How did it happen that Sega was in the show too?

Well, Sega is…he is totally cool. He lives in Ilidza so it was a little bit more difficult for him.

Are you planning on acting in the future?
There is one nice plan. Former cinema “Sutjeska” is now located at the open scene “Obala” and a few of us from the open scene will be employed there. However, up to date, I never decided if I want to stay an actor or not. If something, better or more payable comes up, I would forget the acting until the rest of my life. Values are not appreciated here. The only benefit that you have for being an actor is to be called at the street, on the phone, so they start screwing you around. You don’t get money, or houses. When Silvestre Stallone came to Budva, people from Montenegro yelled at him: “Look at him, how short he is…” The most important thing after all is that these Serbs and Croats are ok. To be separated for a while at last in order to get to like each other again. And “Aljo” (Izetbegovic) is God…

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